2nd SEPT 2014: Just light training today!

2 Sep

Still recovering from being sick. Oh well, it was just food poisoning or something like that, so nothing serious. Trained light today with Louise, Søren, Seb & Thomas at Butcher’s Garage. Followed a little of their training and added some endurance and some muscle-up work. Took it nice and easy.


4 km running


Ring muscle-ups: 5 x 1 rep

Practised strict with and without false grip and kipping with and without false grip. Can do it all now. Yay!

Bar muscle-ups: 5 x 1 rep

Had to find the rythm again. Went fine though.


Back squats (7 reps): 60-70-80-90-90-90 kg

Romanian deadlifts: 3 x 8 reps @ 70 kg


You go, I go style (switch after each exercise)

5 rounds:

15 x 10 m shuttle run (5 m out, 5 m back)
15 lateral burpees over the bar
15 hang power cleans @ 40 kg

Time: 24’ish min for 2 persons to finish

Everything unbroken!

Distance biked

10 + 13 + 9 + 5 km = 37 km


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1st SEPT 2014: World Masters Championships in Weightlifting 2014 – silver medal winner

1 Sep

Training has been good leading up to the start of this season. I even snatched 73 kg and made 88 kg in C&J last week. Last night, I got sick with stomach flu and hardly slept, so lifting today was a tough challenge being totally drained. Oh well, I’m a fighter and pulled it off the best I could today. Close battle between 1st and 2nd place.

Snatch: 65-67-67 kg

C&J: 80-80-84 kg

Total: 151 kg

BW: 59,8 kg

Sinclair: 207,97 points

Result: 2nd place (silver)

Dropped the 2nd snatch behind my head. It was pulled high enough, and the miss in C&J was a focus matter. Didn’t know if I was able to lift at all or how much when I woke up this morning, so I’m happy to be able to make a decent result on a really bad day. Still really happy about the progress, I’ve made during the summer.

Thanks to coach Anders and to all of you who cheered at the venue/followed me today! #YouKnowWhoYouAre


31st AUG 2014: Light pre-competition training

31 Aug

It’s raining cats and dogs today in Copenhagen. Went to the competition venue to check in and see the facilities. Did my training at the venue as well.


Snatch: 35-45-45-45 kg

C&J: 35-45-55-65-65-65 kg

That’s it. Lifting tomorrow morning…


30th AUG 2014: Easy lifting today!

30 Aug

2 days to my lifting meet. Didn’t do a lot today!


2 x

30 DUs
10 push-ups
30 bicycle crunches


Snatch: up to 3 x 1 rep @ 60 kg

C&J: up to 3 x 1 rep @ 75 kg

Front squat: up to 2 reps @ 80-85-90 kg

… then I went to the sauna with Søren!

That’s it!

Distance biked

2 x 7 km


29th AUG 2014: Power snatch + C&J!

29 Aug

Shared platform with Simon Johnsen today. He’ll also be lifting at the World Championships for Masters. We’re both from IK99 and CrossFit Butcher’s Lab/Garage.


A little light CrossFit as endurance today!

No running, nothing crazy!


Refreshing to do power snatch + power C&J today!

Power snatch: up to singles @ 55-60-60-60-60 kg

Power clean & push jerk: up to singles @ 65-70-75-72,5-65 kg

Back squat: up to 2 reps @ 95-100 kg

I’ll just do some light lifting the next 2 days. Absolutely nothing else. I’m actually enjoying it!

BW stuff

3 rounds:

20 GHD sit-ups
20 GHD back ext
Strict pull-ups (wide grip): 5-12-5 reps

Distance biked

10 + 5 + 5 + 7 km = 27 km


28th AUG 214: Active recovery day!

28 Aug

Just moving today. Nothing crazy due to my lifting meet on Monday. Also home alone with my son = resting some more and enjoying it!


3,5 km running


12-8-4 reps:
Box jumps 24”
Alternating pistols (in running shoes)
Strict pull-ups


EMOTM x 7 min:

6 alternating pistols @ 16 kg KB
3 overhead squats @ 55 kg (narrow grip)

OHS – light!


5 min AMRAP:

15 STOH @ 30 kg
5 strict pull-ups

Result: 4 rounds (in 4:50 min)

Distance biked

2 x 12 km


New ‘Casall sculpture tights. Get them here: http://www.casall.com + http://www.sportmaster.dk

27th AUG 2014: Running, lifting and a skills finisher

27 Aug

Good lifts today. Really light. No straps!


3,5 km running

Thanks to Mainz and Søren for joining!


20 push-ups
40 alternating split jump squats
20 GHD sit-ups


100 Russian twists @ 15 kg
50 bicycle crunches
50 sit-ups @ 15 kg


Snatch (singles, no straps): 45-55-60-64-64-64-64 kg

C&J (1+1): 45-55-65-71-76-76-76-76 kg

Front squats (2 reps): 60-70-80-85 kg

Shoulder press: 4 x 4 reps @ 40 kg

Nice and easy!


800 m run
3 rounds:
7 strict HSPUs
14 burpees

Distance biked

2 x 10 km


New ‘Casall sculpture tights. Get them here: http://www.casall.com + http://www.sportmaster.dk

26th AUG 2014: Grace, Karen, rowing and skills (MUs)

26 Aug

Training at Butcher’s Garage with good friends. Just cardio today!


EMOTM x 6 min:

1 strict ring muscle-up
5,10,15 etc m shuttle run


WOD 3a and 3b (the last WODs) for the ‘Battle of the East’ qualifier.

For time:


30 C&J @ 40 kg



150 wallballs @ 14 lbs to a 9 foot target

Overall time: 13:07 min


5 x 750 m rowing

* rest 1:1


100 Russian twists @ 15 kg
100 bicycle crunches

Distance biked

10 + 10 + 10 = 30 km

That’s it!



Good friends + support team of the day!

25th AUG 2014: Super fine Monday training!

25 Aug

Great training today. I love it! Next lifting meet is next Monday. Nothing super heavy/crazy (CrossFit) this week!


2 km running

… to another gym to meet my powerlifting coach and a 1,5 walk and talk with him.


24 alternating split jumps
12 alternating pistols
12 strict pull-ups
16 alternating split jumps
8 alternating pistols
8 strict pull-ups
8 alternating split jumps
4 alternating pistols
4 strict pull-ups


Snatch (2 reps): 35-45-55-60-62,5-64 kg

C&J (2+1 rep): 45-55-65-71-76 kg

Super lifting day! Finally, the lifts are just easy, clean and powerful. Thanks to the talented Mr. Simon Darville for coaching today!

Snatch high-pulls: 4 x 3 reps @ 69 kg

Clean pulls: 3 x 3 reps @ 86 kg


100 Russian twists @ 15 kg
50 sit-ups @ 15 kg
50 bicycle crunches


3 rounds:

400 m run
20 sumo deadlift high-pulls @ 24 kg KB
15 dips

Time: 13’ish min

Distance biked

2 x 10 km


Pic: Simon Darville and me when we visited ‘CrossFit Whity City’ in Tel-Aviv (Israel) after lifting at the European Championships in Weightlifting (April 2014).

24th AUG 2014: 2 x endurance + 2 x WODs

24 Aug

Nothing crazy today. Had a great training and actually enjoyed training alone. Trained at the local gym, Gladsaxe CrossFit. Super cool gym.


4 km running

Rowing intervals

6 x 500 m rowing

Pace: 2:00 min/500 m

* rest: 1 min between intervals

WOD # 1

75 wallballs for time @ 14 lbs

* each break: 100’ish m run (maybe a little more)

Result: 3:28 min (2 breaks)

WOD # 2

This was a fun one!

For time (break up as needed):

50 strict pull-ups
100 kipping handstand push-ups
150 double-unders
200 m prowler push @ 90 kg (high, low, high, low, high)

* every 2nd min: 1 power clean @ 65 kg

Result: 26 min

Did 10 rounds of: 5 pull-ups, 10 HSPUs and 15 DUs and finished off with prowler push after completing the rest. Quite cool that I’m now able to do 50 strict pull-ups in a WOD (and it was quite easy). Great challenge.

Distance biked

2 x 3 km


Pic: 70 kg snatch + yesterday’s CrossFit buddies, Søren and Louise.


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