14th + 15th DEC: Weightlifting meet

15 Dec

:::14th DEC 2013:::

The day og Gotha’s yearly invitational weightlifting meet. Ditte and I from IK99 lifted with David Havmand and Tim Kring as coaches.

I had a rough night (personal issues) and had hardly slept the night leading up to the meet.

I decided to lift and use the non-optimal preparation to practise focus.


Body weight: 65,4 kg

Snatch: 70-73-75 kg

70 kg was a little unfocused, 73 kg was light. I dropped the 75 kg behind me but sat under it. Super fine first try at 75 kg ever.

C&J: 87-87-90 kg

Had to wait a long time before I got my first lift. Slightly press out. Nothing major. 90 kg was super light. Might be starting @ 90 kg at the next meet.

Total: 163 kg

My PB is 164 kg, and I have much more in me. Sweet feeling!

Sinclair points: 211 (+5 kg improvement)

Great improvement!

Best female lifter of the day!

Thanks to friends, coaches and sponsors for support. You know who you are…..!


3 rounds:

10 front squats @ 65 kg
2 x prowler runs (high/low) @ 90 kg
10 alternating 1-arm DB snatches @ 24 kg

Time: 10 min


10 x 1 rep bar muscle-ups

3 x 10+ m handstand walk

Distance biked

30+ km

:::15th DEC 2013:::

Went to a nice Christmas dinner and afterwards to a club Saturday, so just needed to move today!


21-15-9 reps:

Power cleans @ 40 kg
Ring dips

Time: 5:something min

Power cleans: 11-10 reps/10-5 reps/9 reps. Ring dips: 11-10 reps/8-7 reps/6-3 reps.

Distance biked

8 km


Great meeting with Team Physical-Movement (physiotherapy) and a Christmas gift from Northern Spirit.




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