19th JAN 2014: Copenhagen Weightlifting Cup 2014

19 Jan

First lifting meet in 2014. A meet building up to the Danish Championships and the European Championships in weightlifting.

My results last year

BW: 73,5 kg
Snatch: 70 kg // C&J: 85 kg

My results this year

BW: 64,0 kg
Snatch: 70-72-72 kg
C&J: 87-90-90 kg
Total: 162 kg

Sinclair: 213,84 (previous best 209)

Best sinclair lifting result to date. 2 kg from my PB = 164 kg (total) made @ BW: 69,0 kg. Not bad. Snatch was not super today. C&J went better. Not my best lifting day but raising the bar….

Fun fact

2nd best female weightlifter in Denmark



Se all results from Copenhagen Weightlifting Cup 2014 HERE


In 2014 i became masters in the world of weightlifting. Today, I broke the Danish record in snatch, C&J, and in the total in the 69 kg class (35-39 years). Officially also qualified to the World Masters Championships in weightlifting in end AUG/start SEPT 2014 (Copenhagen, Denmark).


Thanks to coaches Anders Bendix and Tim Kring, to sponsors, and friends – you know who you are!



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