6th FEB 2014: From 75 kg to sub 63 kg

7 Feb


I’m still sick and undergoing quite a lot of tests these days…. Can hardly bend my left arm from all the blood tests I’ve been giving the past days. Trying to keep my mood up and not to worry before I know what’s wrong….

Today was also the day where I hit sub 63 kg for the first time. Morning BW said: 62,8. Not bad, not bad at all!


2 km running in sub 9 min


6 x 500 m rowing sprint intervals (1:45-1:50 min)

Running is lighter, rowing is harder at this lower BW. LOL!


Strict muscle-ups: 3-3-4-4-4 reps


5 rounds:

A) 5 strict bulgarian ring pull-ups (wide, neutral grip)

B) 5 strict handstand push-ups (narrow stand, toes on box)


5 rounds:

A) 20-30 sec false grip ring top hold

B) 5 strict handstand push-ups (back against wall)


3 x 10 m handstand walk

Flow fun (video)

Handstand hold fun (video)


30 C&J @ 55 kg (no belt)

Time: 4:00 min


20 C2B
30 HSPUs
20 C2B

Time: 4:02 min

Cool down

3 min jump rope


Bench press (wide grip/stop): 5 x 5 reps @ 62,5 kg

DB bench press (10 reps): 13 kg – 20 kg – 15,5 kg x 6 sets


2 x 20 GHD back ext

2 x 85 sit-ups

Distance biked

2 x 12 km

That’s it!



2 Responses to “6th FEB 2014: From 75 kg to sub 63 kg”

  1. annemettew February 10, 2014 at 10:25 #

    Rigtigt flot vægttab, Sarah. Motiverende og inspirerende. Jeg håber, du snart bliver rask. God bedring!

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