12th APR 2014: BW day – last day in Tel-Aviv

12 Apr

No weights available today. Did some BW training instead. Travelling back to Denmark this afternoon.

Participating in the European Championships has been a good experience. Just a few weeks ago, I was still sick and struggling with both technique, balance and strength, so I’m happy to get 70 kg snatch and 88 kg C&J – and 5 approved lifts out of 6 possible.

Looking forward to work on (re)gaining more strength and to see how far it’ll take me.

Next big meets: Danish Championships in Weightlifting for teams (3rd May), Nordic Championships in Weightlifting (end May), and Regionals.

Today’s BW training….

Push-ups: 10-10 reps

Strict pull-ups: 5-5 reps

Strict C2B chin-ups: 5-5 reps

Rack dips: 5 x 10 reps

GHD sit-ups: 5 x 10 reps

3 km running

6,6 km biking

That’s it!



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