20th APR 2014: 3RM push jerk @ 75 kg easily + conditioning

20 Apr

Sunday = Fun day with the all star crew + friends at Butcher’s Garage.

Didn’t have time to do weightlifting Friday, so pushed Friday’s lifting program to today. Thanks to Søren for joining. Super training day. I felt strong – and even PRed easily in 3RM push jerk!


3 km running


500 m row
25 thrusters @ 20 kg
15 butterfly pull-ups

Rowing pace: 2:00 min. Thrusters + pull-ups: unbroken!


Power snatch (2 reps): up to 50-55-55-55 kg

Front squats: 65 kg (4 reps) – 85 kg (3 reps) – 90 kg (3 reps) – 95 kg (3 reps)

Push jerk (3 reps): up to 65-70-72,5-75 kg PR

My previous all time best 1RM @ 75 kg BW was 75 kg. Not bad to do 3 reps @ 75 kg at a much lower BW, and it’s for sure not my max. Felt super light!

Good mornings: 4 x 10 reps @ 35 kg


2 x

8 UB C2B pull-ups
12 UB strict handstand push-ups


3 x 18 m handstand walk

Bar muscle-up practise

Haven’t done bar muscle-ups since I got sick end January. They were quite easy today. I love it!


10 rounds:

10 T2B
12 KB swings @ 16 kg

Cash-out: 100 DUs

* each break in DUs = 200 m run penalty

Result: DUs unbroken, but I ran 600 m with Søren



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