Regionals – day # 3

18 May

We knew that day 3 would be tough for us, and so it was.


Event # 7: 20th

Event # 8: 13th

Overall: 9th (tied with the 8th place)

Our goal was a top 10 finish competing against some really strong teams. My personal ambition was to match our result from last year (8th place), which we did!

We had 5 x top 10 finishes – and even a 2nd place in one event (HSW). Super cool taken into consideration that we qualified as number 17 in the Open.

Even better, we have all improved a lot and had lots of fun up to and during Regionals. We even ended up as the best Danish team. That’s quite cool for a team of underdogs.

Thanks to my team, our coach, family, friends, sponsors and the world’s best support team! #YouKnowWhoYouAre

3 months ago, I was in the hospital and very ill. Couldn’t even lift an empty barbell when I got out. Feeling thankful that I made it so far. Not back yet 100% – but almost! #CountingMyBlessings

Next focus: Nordic Championships in weightlifting in 2 weeks.



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