28th May 2014: Bad news

29 May


My foot hurts like hell. Sprained it yesterday wearing stilettos….

Went to see my physiotheraphist, Annika from Physical-Movement, who fixed it quite well. Actually really well! Max lifts still hurts, and I’m having a hard time 1) being in my start position, 2) hitting the landing position, and 3) doing split jerks, so I’ll NOT be lifting at the Nordic Championships this weekend.

I had been looking forward to the competition, because I’ve had some really good training sessions. Next time – injury free!!!!

Off to La Santa Sport instead for 2 weeks on Friday with lots of CrossFit friends!

Today’s light training….

Squat snatch bolt: 35 kg (3 reps) – 40 kg (3 reps) – 50 kg (3 reps) – 55 kg (3 reps) – 60 kg (2 reps x 2)

Squat clean bolt (3 reps): 35-45-55-65-65-65 kg

Squat clean + push jerk (1+1): 35-45-55-65-75-75 kg (light)

Front squats: 5 x 8 reps @ 65 kg

Shoulder press from the neck (snatch grip): 4 x 8 reps @ 33 kg

No belt at all. Will start training more without belt!

Training went fine, but I cannot do max lifts.

Distance biked

10-7-7-7 km


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