6th JUL 2014: ‘Butcher’s Classics 5.0’ – day # 2

7 Jul

Louise and I were in a 4th place after day # 1, and we also finished 4th after day 2. Super fun summer event!

WOD # 1-3

Event # 1:

64 pull-ups + 8 OHS @ 55 kg

Placement: 5th

We shared the pull-ups. I did the OHS (UB).

After 5 min…..

Event # 2

21-15-9 reps:

Power cleans @ 55 kg
Ring dips

Placement: 3rd

Both cleans and dips were easy for me, so I did most work here.

After 7 min…

Event # 3

60 lateral burpees
30 front squats @ 55 kg
20 strict HSPUs

Placement: 3rd

Squats were heavy for Louise, so I did most + ALL the strict HSPUs. They were quite easy. Thank god….

WOD # 4-5

4: 75 reps KB snatches with left hand @ 24 kg

Placement: 5th

5: 75 reps KB snatches with right hand @ 24 kg

Placement: 5th

Again, it was a little too heavy for Louise, so I had to work quite a lot. Went fine, but hard to be up against teams where both girls were going hard.

WOD # 6-7

Event # 6

3 rounds:

30 DUs
15 snatch @ 35 kg

Placement: dunno??

Great team work here!

… 1 min break

Event # 7

15 thrusters @ 35 kg
3 rope climbs
12 thrusters
2 rope climbs
9 thrusters
1 rope climb

Placement: dunno??

Went super fine. Great team work.

Personal thoughts: Fun summer competition and good test of shape. I’m behind on MUs (ring + bar), pull-ups (C2B + butterfly), and T2B (…. and most likely also other stuff, which I’m forgetting right now), but I feel quite on top regarding the rest. Rowing is also not a strong side after I’ve lost weight. My program(s) and lots of strict gymnastics really works well for me.

Next competition: World Championships in Weightlifting for Masters (+35 years) on Sept 1st 2014.

Thanks to organisers, volunteers, athletes, spectators, friends and to Søren (coach/friend) – and especially thanks to Louise for a fun weekend in the sun!






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