29th JUL 2014: 10RM back squats @ 102,5 kg + 5 km running and much more….

29 Jul


5 km running

Time: 20:57 min

I can run faster on a better day! I think it’s an ok time for me though.

5 min rest

For time:

10 Burpees
20 Wallballs 14 lbs
30 KB swings 16 kg
40 DUs

Time cap: 2:30 min (repeat after 1 min with +30 sec time cap until goal is reached…)

Result: 2:29 min

No repeat this time… All unbroken!


Back squats: 10 reps unbroken @ 102,5 kg PR

Back squats: 20 reps unbroken @ 85 kg PR

Haven’t reached my max yet!


Power snatch + snatch push press + overhead squat (3+3+3 reps): 45-50-52,5-55-55 kg

Power clean + front squat + split jerk (3+3+3 reps): 57,5-62,5-67,5-67,5-67,5 kg

Clean pulls (no belt): 4 x 4 reps @ 90 kg

Good mornings: 4 x 8 reps @ 55 kg

Distance biked

2 x 2,5 km

Tough training again today. Lots of reps in my lifting program this week. It’s going really well though and I’m liking it a lot!

Check these cool pics out:



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