1st AUG 2014: 6 months’ detour – and now back!

1 Aug


2,5 km running


Overhead squat: 75 kg (3 reps) – 80 kg (3 reps) – 85 kg (3 reps) PB – 90 kg (1 rep) PB

I also push jerked 92,5 kg from the neck. Had trouble stabilizing it though so dropped it. Will get it soon. The jerk was really easy. PR in push jerk from the neck. Still not using a belt btw.

Back squats (4 reps): 95-102,5-95-102,5 kg

Power snatch + overhead squat (3+3 reps): 45-50-53-55-60 kg PB

I also did the complex @ 62,5 kg but caught the last rep in power snatch deep.

Power clean + split jerk (3+3 reps): 57,5-62,5-67,5-67,5-70-73 kg PB

Snatch high-pulls: 5 x 5 reps @ 65 kg

Shoulder press (5 reps): 43-40-38-38 kg

Super fine lifting day (again). I’m now beyond the level, I was at just before I got sick in January. It’s been quite a journey. Thrilled to be back in good shape 6 months after – and excited to start my new season.


EMOTM x 30 min

Odd: 3 strict handstand push-ups + 7 kipping handstand push-ups

Even: 10 alternating DB snatches @ 20 kg

Went fine. All unbroken!

Distance biked

2 x 7 km


Going to Ditte & Christian’s wedding tomorrow. Can’t wait!


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