14th AUG 2014: Easy Thursday before lifting camp with the Danish national team in weightlifting

14 Aug

Not doing much this week compared to a normal training week. Enjoying it a lot!

Energy is high, BW low, so I’m very aware of not pushing too hard!

Training camp with the National team in weightlifting starts tomorrow afternoon and lasts till Sunday. Looking forward to lots of lifting in good company!


2 km run


For time:

60 target burpees

Result: 3:50 min

Found a pace, where I could do them without breaks. Mental challenge to keep going.


1 min plank hold
1 min hollow rock hold
1 min L-sit hold (rack)
1 min hollow rock hold
1 min plank hold

Cool down

400 m run


For time:

800 m run
30 deadlifts @ 95 kg
3 rounds:
10 rack dips
5 strict C2B chin-ups

Changed the WOD a little compared to my training plan. Hands need to recover.

Time: 11 min

Run: 3 min. Deadlifts: 10-10-10.

Distance biked

8 + 5 + 15 km = 28 km



Ran into sweet Louise today while training. Love that girl. Also went to see Annika at Physical-Movement in order to make sure my body is on the right track entering into the new season. Feeling blessed! Thanks, Annika.


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