6th SEPT 2014: ‘Showdown 2.0’ – CrossFit charity challenge …. and epic win

6 Sep

Seb, Mainz and I decided in the last minute to join a CrossFit charity competition at FitnessWorld Basecamp (Copenhagen) supporting children with few ressources (‘Broen Køge‘). Lots of fierce teams participated, so our plan was to stay in the top and see how far we could make it. I’ve been sick this week and lifted Monday, so I didn’t overdo anything. The guys were good at giving me space and also at kicking my ass when needed!

WOD # 1

30 over the worm burpees
90 m worm run
90 m bear crawl
60 STOH @ 2 x KB @ 24/16 kg
90 m bear crawl
30 over the worm burpees
90 m worm run
60 STOH @ 2 x KB @ 24/16 kg

Result: 2nd place

WOD # 2A

In 9 min find max in the complex:

1 power snatch
1 overhead squat
1 hang squat snatch
1 overhead squat

Result: 2nd place

Seb: 85 kg, Mainz: 90 kg, me: 55 kg

…. Then directly into WOD 2B


2 min for each person to do max reps thrusters @ 30/25 kg (incl loading and re-loading of bar)

Result: 2nd place

Seb and Mainz: 57 reps each, me: 43 reps.


3 individual WODs. 1 person doing a WOD each.


21-15-9 reps:

Squat cleans @ 40 kg
Ring dips


21-15-9 reps:

C2B pull-ups


21-15-9 reps:

Unbroken handstand walk (5 m)

Result: 2nd place

Before entering into the final, we were in 2nd place. The team in first place had won all their WODs, and we finished 2nd in all of then. Each team only carried their score into the final. No 1 = 1 point, us in 2nd = 2 points etc. In case of a tie, the winner of the final would win.


800 m run as a team
90 lunges @ 80/60 kg
60 STOH @ 80/60 kg
30 burpee bar muscle-ups
15 legless rope climbs

Result: 1st place – and a tie with the leading team going into the final, which means that our team won!

Overall score: 1st place


Thanks to Mainz and Seb for being awesome, skilled and experienzed team mates + friends and for a great day, to Fitness World Basecamp, sponsors, audience, judges, volunteers, Team Butcher’s, training friends, coaches and good friends – for keeping me sharp #YouKnowWhoYouAre





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