10th SEPT 2014: Running, lifting + a fast pull-up finisher

10 Sep

Still sore, but feeling much better today!


3,5 km running

Super fine pace. I can now start fast and finish even faster. I try to push myself on the pace every day.


Back squat: 75 kg (4 reps) – 88 kg (4 reps) – 94 kg (3 reps x 3)

Snatch (2 reps): 45-55-60-60-60-64 kg

C&J (2+1 rep): 66-63-63-68-70-72,5 kg

Working on speed + balance/finish in my lifts.

Push press (4 reps): 45-50-53 kg

Romanian deadlift: 5 x 4 reps @ 75 kg


3 rounds:

15 butterfly pull-ups
15 KB swings @ 16 kg

Mainz gave me great pointers to the hip kip/gymnastic kip. Went super fine.

Distance biked

2 x 10 km



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