12th SEPT 2014: Running and lifting

12 Sep

Fast training session today!


30 sit-ups @ 10 kg
20 GHD back ext
50 Russian twists @ 15 kg


3,5 km running


Front squats (3 reps): 65-75-80-85-85-85 kg

Power snatch (3 reps): 45-50-50-50 kg

Power clean + split jerk (3+1 rep): 55-60-60-60 kg

Focus on speed, path, pull and balance in the olympic lifts!

Overhead squat (3 reps): 55:65-67,5-70 kg

Shoulder press (5 reps): 37,5-37,5-35-35 kg

That’s it! Nice and easy training session today. Finishing 1st of 9 weeks of my lifting program tomorrow.

Distance biked

2 x 10 km

I’ve been hungry like a horse all week, so finished the week with a good pizza and french fries. Haven’t had that for a while. Good stuff once in a while.



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