16th SEPT 2014: Lifting, short interval WOD, skills and running

16 Sep

Lots of good people @ Butcher’s Garage today. I always practise skills/weak spots on Tuesdays in order to get pointers from my skilled CrossFit friends. I always leave better/wiser. I love it. Thanks friends #TheFormerCompetitionTeam


2 x

5 strict C2B pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 air squats


Snatch: up to 1 rep @ 65 kg

C&J: up to 1 rep x 2 @ 75 kg

Back squat (3 reps): 75-88-95-100-100 kg


Max reps UB kipping HSPUs in 40 sec (86 cm): 45-45-46 reps

* 80 sec break between sets

My friends were doing it in their program today. Wanted to see if I could beat their overall score (in 3 rounds) in just 2 rounds. I could! It was quite easy. I prefer strict HSPUs any day though.

Interval style WOD

3 rounds:

7 burpees
14 wall-balls
21 box jumps 20”

* 1 min break between rounds
** goal: sub 2 min/round


Round # 1: 1:24 min

Round # 2: 1:23 min

Round # 3: 1:21 min


3 rounds:

2 kipping ring MUs
7 T2B

Finally some progress in T2B. It went better than ever today. Thanks, Mainz & Pøhl.


3 km run and talk with Mainz

Distance biked

2 x 10 km


Mainz and I tested the new Bronx Burger affiliate in inner Copenhagen. We share a passion for food, CrossFit, lifting – and the maritime industry 🙂



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