18th SEPT 2014: Outdoor training

18 Sep

Lots of positive words from friends around the world in continuation of yesterday’s blog post regarding getting back to my old shape/training more goal oriented. Thanks, friends. A few ‘hate’ messages as well/talking behind my back. I take it as a compliment. Hater’s gonna hate!

I have a training lifting meet on Saturday and have been pushing hard for a while, so I’m taking an easy week this week.

Today’s training

Super sunny day, so I decided to do a little something in the local park.


3,5 km running

BW stuff

Still working on improving my top pull with upper hand grip.

3 x ME C2B top hold

3 x 7 negative pull-ups (5 sec exc)

Rack dips: 10-10-17 reps

Distance biked

2 x 10 km


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