5th OCT 2014: ‘Al Bank Cup 2014’

5 Oct

The meet went like this…

Snatch: 62-64-66 kg

C&J: 71-74-76 kg

BW: 58,7 kg

5 approved lifts out of 6. Lighter lifts than normal but good lifts. I’ve had trouble catching the bar in the clean and getting on the toes in snatch the past weeks. C&J @ 76 kg was light as it should be – and I finally did it right. Got on the toes in the last snatch, unfortunately. Not due to lack of strength.

I’ve had some crazy (many) weeks at work and having trouble sleeping (and eating well). That combination just doesn’t work for me in the long run. Hoping it’ll end soon.

It would have been super easy just to stay at home and not participate, but I wasn’t sick nor injured and not a quitter, so that wasn’t an option. I learn from every competition, I participate in. In this competition, I managed to keep my head cool and just focus on 1 lift at the time. That’s a great lesson learned.



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