17th OCT 2014: Getting back on track – 1st heavy’ish Friday

17 Oct

Getting back into heavy Fridays. It’s been a while. Easy start today.


60 m unbroken (!!!) handstand walk


Snatch: singles up to 55-60-62,5-55-60-62,5 kg

Snatch from deep hang (3 reps): 45-50-50-50 kg

C&J: up to singles @ 65-70-75 kg

Back squats (2 reps): 75-85-95 kg

Jumps from squat @ 15 kg barbell on the neck: 4 x 4 reps


100 sit-ups
50 back ext
50 sit-ups


Spent the day making pumpkin heads and baking pumpkin paleo muffins with my son.


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