18th OCT 2014: Super training day!

18 Oct

I’ve been low on energy the past weeks. This week has been MUCH better with much more energy. I love it. Holding back a little in order not to burn out. Sleep is also much better.


3,5 km running


3 x handstand walk: 25-25-10 meter


Front squats (2 reps): up to 75-80-85 kg

Power snatch (2 reps): 35-45-50-52,5-52,5-52,5-52,5 kg

Power clean + push jerk (2+2): up to 62,5 kg x 4 sets

Front squats (2 reps): up to 75-85-90 kg

Jumps from squat @ 15 kg barbell on the back: 4 x 4 reps

Super fine training. Progress. Finally!

That’s it! competition (Danish Fitness League – competition 1 out of 4) tomorrow in team with sweet Polle.


My sweet physiotheraphist, Annika, passed by my house today with a bag full of sports clothes for me. I love it. Thanks for your support, Annika. I hope you liked my daily bike ride (and the hills) forth and back 🙂


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