19th OCT 2014: Danish Fitness League – part # 1

19 Oct

Danish Fitness League part # 1 of 4. In team with Polle throughout the season. Fierce field.

WOD # 1

You go, I go style…

12 min AMRAP:

3-6-9-12-15 etc reps:

STOH @ 40 kg

* after each round: 25 DUs

Result: 24 rounds + 25 STOH

5th place

WOD # 2

Clean ladder: 40-45-50-55-60 kg etc.

We both got 80 kg

3rd place

WOD # 3

You go, I go style…

4 rounds:

10 burpees over the bar
20 T2B
30 overhead lunges @ 30 kg
40 wallballs @ 14 lbs (men’s hight)

Time: 16:51 min

Result: 5th place

Overall result

5th place (Games score)

…. 3 more to go!

Close competition with just a few reps dividing the field in the cardio WODs. We had a good day, and have to keep pushing harder and do longer sets especially in pull-ups and T2B. Hoping for a few skills in the next parts of the competition – but it’s also good to do lots of light cardio WODs (everyone’s game) to stay sharp!



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