Results – The Athletes Games

30 Nov

I’ve spent the week doing qualifier WODs for ‘The Athletes Games’.

Some went better than others. Good overview of strengths/weaknesses.

My results are as follows:


In 20 minutes complete 100 rower jumping burpees.
Then, in the remaining time, row as far as possible.

The score for this workout is the total distance rowed in meters.

Result: 2713 m


Part A
In a 6 minute window complete:
150 double unders
30 pullups
Then, in the remaining time, AMRAP of ring muscle ups

The score for this workout is total repetitions i.e, double unders + pullups + muscle ups.

Rest 2:00

Part B
Complete 1 clean every minute for 10 minutes at a preselected weight. Score = weight x successful lifts.

To clarify, athletes must select one weight for the duration of the 10 minutes. Athletes may not increase or decrease weights throughout this workout and may not complete more than 1 successful lift per minute for a total of maximum total of 10 successful lifts.

Parts A & B will be scored separately but must always be done together. Athletes may not mix and match scores from separate attempts at this workout.


A) 4 MUs (split: 3:31 min)

B) cleans @ 80 kg


AMRAP in 8 minutes of:
8 deadlifts 100/70kg
16 wall ball shots 9/6kg 10/9ft
16 box jumps 24/20″

Result: 5 rounds + 1 rep



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