31st DEC 2014: Happy New Year

31 Dec

Trained with Polle @ Butcher’s Lab this morning.


4 km running


Snatch from knees (4 reps): 35-45-50-52,5-52,5-55 kg

C&J (2+2): 45-55-65-70-65-65

Back squats: 4 x 10 reps @ 62,5 kg (done as pump)

Jumps from squat position: 4 x 6 reps @ 15 kg

BW strength

2 x 5 strict pull-ups + 9 kipping


Polle and I joined Butcher’s New Year WOD

2 pers WOD, 1 person working at the time…

31-12-14 reps:

C&J @ 40 kg
Medball sit-ups
DL @ 40 kg
Over the bar burpees
Thrusters @ 40 kg
Lunges with wallball

Time: 20’ish min

Happy New Year!



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