18th JAN 2015: Sweet Sunday Morning Session

18 Jan

8AM training session with Søren & Pia @ Butcher’s Lab.

Forgot my lifting belt today. I think I’ll keep lifting a lot without belt the next weeks. It felt good today.


Pause front squats (3 reps): 55-60-65-70 kg (2 sec down, 2 sec hold, up)

Front squats: 70 kg (6 reps) – 65 kg (8 reps x 3)

Back squats: just up to 1 rep @ 95 kg


EMOTM x 40 min (8 rounds):

1st: 5-8 T2B
2nd: 5 OHS @ 45 kg (narrow grip)
3rd: 15 box jumps 20”
4th: 5-8 butterfly pull-ups
5th: 5 deadlifts @ 80 kg


2 x handstand walk

2 x handstand hold

2 x L-sit hold (paralettes)

That’s it!



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