29th JAN 2015: Lifting + 7 min WOD (OHS @ 45 kg + C2B)

29 Jan


Back squat: up to 1 rep @ 100 kg – then 4 x 8 reps @ 75 kg

Shoulder press: 4 x 5 reps @ 35 kg

Good mornings: 4 x 10 reps @ 35 kg

Slowly regaining my strength in shoulder press. Releiving!

BW strength

2 x 10 ring dips


7 min AMRAP:

3,6,9 etc reps of:

OHS @ 45 kg
C2B pull-ups

Result: 12 reps + 3 OHS

Hands are starting to heal. Took it easy. OHS unbroken (narrow grip), C2B by feel paying attention to ripped hands. Need to do more C2B pull-ups!

That’s it. Then I spent the rest of the day at the hospital 😦



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