7th FEB 2015: Super fine Saturday morning session

7 Feb

Still have a swell…. A little worse than yesterday. I’ll remove sugar, gluten and milk/cheese as advised by Dorthe Hummel yesterday and see how it goes. Hopefully better… Training today went super fine.


4 km running with Karina and Søren.

Lots of ice/snow today. Loving my trail running shoes.


Lifting with Polle, Søren and IK99’ers.

Front squats: up to a heavy single @ 85-90-92,5-90 kg

Power snatch from deep hang/mid schin (2 reps): 45-50-50-50-50 kg

Clean bolt/clean from mid thigh with feet in wide position (2 reps): 45-55-60-62,5-65 kg + 1 rep @ 70 kg

Front squats (10 reps): 75-65 kg

Clean pulls (4 reps, no belt): 70-85-85-95-95 kg

Shoulder press (5 reps): 35-37,5-37,5-35-35 kg



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