15th FEB 2015: 1RM back squat @ 115 kg, 5RM OHS @ 75 kg, 5 min ‘Grace’ + prowler fun

15 Feb

Super fine training session with Søren & Anders Lundgaard.

Edema/swell: still bad, but better than yesterday. Sleep: 8 hours, but poor + I wake up in sweat baths these days.

Good energy + good training again today.

Overhead squat + back squat

Overhead squat: up to 5 reps @ 75 kg

The guys continued overhead squatting, so I switched to back squat…

Back squat: 1 rep @ 100-105-110-115 kg (yay!)


5 min ‘Grace’ (max reps C&J @ 40 kg)

Score: 51 C&Js


100 m row all out

11 cal airdyner all out

Prowler fun

EMOTM x 8 min:

Odd: 30 prowler (15 m high + 15 m low) @ 90 kg

Even: 10 KB swings @ 24 kg

Low prowler was tough – but in the good way!


10 strict pull-ups

Butterfly pull-up technique

3 x ME handstand walk

Handstand fun + piroettes etc

That’s it!



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