19th FEB 2015: Gymnastics + news from the hospital

19 Feb

Edema/swell: same as yesterday (which means a little better).

Went to more tests at the hospital today.

The clearance in my kidneys is not super good. It’s at 73% now and should be close to 100%. Starting a new series of tests at department of Nefrology at Herlev Hospital soon.

Medicine for hypothyroidism (lavt stofskifte) is working well, and my kalium numbers are perfect now.

I’ve done a few base line tests today:

Strict HSPUs: 10

Kipping HSPUs: 40

Strict pull-ups: 10

Butterfly pull-ups: 14

Box jump: highest box + 1 blue plate

2 min DUs: I did 125 reps UB instead

2 min rope climb: 3,5 reps

2 min legless rope climb: 2 reps

Max T2B: 12 reps

Max ring dips: 10 reps

Max ring L-sit hold: 30 sec

MUs in 2 min: 0 (my arms are still so sore from blood tests + swell – doesn’t feel good yet)


2 x 10 km biking

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