1st March 2015: Sweet Sunday training

1 Mar

Day # 22 eating clean. Celebrated my birthday today. My guests had the sweets, I had the rest 🙂


2 rounds:

  • 10 pull-ups
  • 10 alternating OH pistols (broom stick)


Back squat: just up to 1 rep @ 105 kg

C&J: practising – up to 1RM 

Legs tired today. Had to fight for my C&J today but went well in terms of weight on the bar!


EMOTM x 16 min:

Odd: 30 m prowler push @ 100 kg

Even: 10 ring dips

80 ring dips…. Not hard at all. I love it!!!


50 Russian twists @ 10 kg

Then I rushed home to celebrate my birthday with my family


15.1 (2nd and last time)

It went well. I PR’ed my C&J in newer time…

That’s it + good night!


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