4th March 2015: 70 kg snatch, 85 kg C&J, 115 kg back squat

4 Mar

A PERFECT training day @ IK99 weightlifting club with Søren, Philip, Polle & IK99’ers ended even better when I got home and found lots of boxes of NOBE aloe vera (sugarfree), a sweet letter + cinema tickets from the NOBE aloe vera team. Looking forward to trying both peach and grape. Thanks, friends!

Video: 70 kg snatch

I had accupuncture today before lifting. Not liking it at all, but it really works


Back squat: 100 kg (3 reps) – 110 kg (1 rep) – 115 kg (1 rep)

Snatch (1 rep): 60-63-65-67,5-70 kg

C&J: 65-75-80-83-85 kg

Clean pulls from deep hang: 4 x 4 reps @ 85 kg

I fuc*ing love it! Haven’t snatched this heavy since August 2014 (when I got sick).

Last week a CrossFit gym owner here in Denmark wrote very elegantly to me that I just wasn’t good enough (anymore). I personally think this is a good start (?!?) – and it is actually also the qualifying total (155 kg) for the European Championships in weightlifting…. Oh well, I’m luckily not training to impress others. I train because I simply love everything about it.

BW finisher

Strict pull-ups: 21 reps in total

Rack dips: 30 reps in total

Distance biked

24 km


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