5th March 2015: Squats, skills, shoulder WOD, sit-ups #50minsession

5 Mar

Day # 26 eating clean (many variations of fish and greens).

50 min training session @ CrossFit Hellerup today. CrossFit Hellerup is located between work and home. Super smart – I can get a fast workout session done like today even on the days where I’m picking Carl up from kindergarden. 


Back squat: up to 1 rep @ 112,5 kg


2 rounds:

  • 10 butterfly pull-ups
  • 10 alternating OH pistols (broom stick)


EMOTM x 16 min:

  • Odd: 3 shoulder press + 6 push press @ 40 kg
  • Even: 3 strict pull-ups + 6 butterfly pull-ups

Good shoulder pump!


  • 50 Russian twists @ 16 kg
  • 100 bicycle crunches

Status: swell/edema: same, same. Sleep: 7,5-8 hours/night. Had a phone consultation this evening with my doctor. All numbers from the various tests that I have done the past 3-4 months are finally normal. FINALLY!


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