6th MAR 2015: Back squat @ 117 kg, front squat @ 100 kg #GreatBirthdayTrainingSessions

6 Mar

Day 27 eating clean and also my birthday. 

Thanks for all the sweet wishes!


Fast morning session with Polle @ CrossFit Hellerup.


We did 15.2. 

It went horrible (after yesterday’s pull-up blast), so I’ll have to do it again. Did 135 reps last year and would love to repeat that.


Back squat: up to singles @ 105-110-115-117 kg PB


Lifting @ BVK with Søren, Polle & IK99’ers.

Front squat: up to 1 rep @ 100 kg

Snatch: 55 kg (2 reps) – 60 (2 reps) – 65 kg (1 rep x 2)

C&J: 45-55-65-75-80-83 kg

Cleans: 75-80-80 kg (to practise speed)

Light thrusters finishing on toes: 6 x 4 reps @ 30 kg

That’s it!

Then Polle, Søren and I went back to CrossFit Hellerup to cheer on Søren, and Pia who did 15.2.


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