13th MAR 2015: 123 kg back squat, 101 kg front squat, 2RM snatch @ 65 kg

14 Mar

Day 34 eating clean.

It has taken Anti-Doping Denmark more than 1 month now approving my TUE. I received a call yesterday afternoon and was told that I couldn’t lift at the lifting meet this weekend… That hit me hard. I was in weight and have been lifting really good the past weeks.

I choose to focus on the positive – that training is going well.

My training went like this….

Back squat: 100 kg (3 reps) – 110 kg (1 rep) – 115 (1 rep) – 121 kg (1 rep) PR – 123 kg PR

Snatch (2 reps): 35-45-55-60-63-65 kg (yay!)

Squat clean + front squat + split jerk (1+1+1 rep): 45-55-65-75-78-65-70-70-70 kg

Front squats: up to 95 kg (2 reps) – 101 kg (1 rep) (yay!)


Ring muscle-ups


Sleep: 8 hours. Swell/edema: less, but still there. I’ve had a few days with head ache. 


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