22nd MAR 2015: 7AM morning session

22 Mar

Woke up to this beautiful pic sent by Louise.

Training at 7:00 AM with Louise Hedelund & Søren. Wanted to do 15.4 again, since it’s right down my alley.

Fast in-and-out session. I had to make it home to 9AM.


Open WOD 15.4

I got 112 reps on Friday in a really bad set-up with mats gliding around. We therefore did the WOD at ‘Gladsaxe CrossFit’ this morning. They have a thick rubber floor = no mats needed. I went too slow my first try on Friday, so I tried to pace it more. It went well. I think HSPU is the movement I’m absolutely best at, and 15.4 is all about HSPUs and keeping the head close to the wall 🙂 #LuckyMe


Back squats: 5 x 2 reps @ 105 kg


20 Russian twists @ 20 kg KB


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