5th APR 2015: Danish Fitness Liga

5 Apr


Day # 57 eating clean.

Competed today with Louise Hedelund in the Danish Fitness League (part 3). I don’t remember our scores in each WOD (most because I never understod the scoring system), but we were 1st going into the final, where we lost lots of points on wheelbarrow (‘trillebør’) and skin the cat 🐱🙀 Strange movements in a WOD…, but a fun day with lots of good friends – both cheering and competing.


A) 1RM bench press in 3 min (Sarah) 

I did: 70-75-77,5 kg (and 2 x fails @ 80 kg)

Score: 1st

B) Max reps bench press @ 50% BW in 3 min (Louise)

Score: ??


48-36-24 reps:

  • OHS @ 35 kg
  • Target burpees to ring

Score: 9:something (1st)


15 min AMRAP:

  • 3 C&J @ 50 kg
  • 6 pull-ups
  • 9 T2B

…. each movement + 3 each round

Result: 21 cleans + 14 pull-ups (2nd)


For time:

  • 100 partner wallballs
  • 80 deficit DL @ 50 kg (standing on a plate)
  • 60 m wheelbarrow (‘trillebør’)
  • 40 kipping HSPUs
  • 20 x skin the cat 

Result: ?? min (3rd)

We lost lots of placements on skin the cat which was very painful for Louise to do.

Overall, a fun day. T2B went better than ever (I normally hate doing them).


Sleep: 7 hours. Edema/swell: really bad 😰


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