9th APR 2015: 3RM squat @ 110 kg, MU/power clean WOD, gymnastics + running

9 Apr


Mindfulness course AND sleep course today at work as part of a 12 week health project driven by VdotPerformance with sessions several times per week. Really useful. 

My intention was to take a rest day, but the sun was shining and CrossFit Hellerup is on the way home from work, so I dropped in for a fast session.


20 rounds:

  • 1 ring muscle-up
  • 2 power cleans @ 60 kg

2 min break

  • 200 m sled pull @ 75 kg

Focus: better kip in MUs. 20 MUs are a lot for me, but I got them!


  • 2 x 10 reps supine ring rows
  • 2 x 5 strict pull-ups

Back squats

Back squats: 100 kg (3 reps) – 110 kg (3 reps) PB – 115 kg (1 rep)


200 reps core


3,5 km running

I’m now on 33 km out of 100 km in April.


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