22nd APR 2015: 70 kg snatch, 84 kg C&J, 5-1 squats @ 100 kg + running

22 Apr


Great speach today at work as part of the health project on how to ‘feed body, soul and mind for high performance’ by nutritionist Marie Steenberger

Sleep: 7 hours. Edema/swell: still there (but not bad). Mindfulnesd meditation: 20 min 😇 (I’m doing 1-2 sessions each day for 8 weeks to start with).

Tired today, but training went quite well.


4 km running with Søren

Good pace today!


Back squats: up to 110 kg

Back squats: 5-4-3-2-1 reps @ 100 kg

Snatch: up to singles @ 63-63-63-65-65-68-68-70 kg

C&J (1+2 reps): up to 65-75-80-80 kg (and just a C&J @ 84 kg)

Clean pulls from low hang: 4 x 4 reps @ 85 kg

Distance biked

26 km

Then Polle and I went to the recording of the next ‘Det Alt For Store Linda P Show‘ (shown on TV2 Zulu Monday next week). We’re participating in a music video with Linda P og Linse Kessler. Good fun 💙👯


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