20th May 2015: When life hits hard

21 May


Not a really good day today. Had a break down at work after joining a stress workshop and getting tools to go on ‘when life hits hard’ (after having been sick for a long time). I know it’s a part of learning to live with a cronic (and invisible) disease. Still not fun.

Light lifting prior to Saturday’s lifting meet. Went fine. Taking tomorrow off.

I’m at day 102 of my clean eating project. Still having a hard time falling a sleep, but quality of sleep is better.

Kidneys, liver etc scanned at the hospital this week. No issues there.


  • Snatch (1 rep): 60-60-62 kg
  • C&J (1 rep): 65-70-70 kg
  • Front squat: 3 x 2 reps @ 85 kg

Distance biked

18 km


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