21st JUN 2015: Endurance, lifting + WOD (pull-ups/ring dips/heavy swings) + a few words about my diet

21 Jul


Today’s late lunch on the go! 

It took me 135 days to change my diet completely, and I been living after my new diet for 160 days now.

When I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I was also tested for food allergies, and it turns out that I’m allergic to quite a lot (gluten, aubergine, all beans, white and black pepper, all seeds, all nuts, dried fruits, banana, pumpkin, chocolate, sesame, carrots, almonds, sunflower, yeast, alchohol, cantaloupe melon, tuna, salmon, oat, quinoa, soy sauce, eggs, corn, fat fish). That eliminates … quite a lot! The change was tough, but worth it. I’m happy to be able to eat meat diary and potatoes. Dining out is tough, but I’ve found my small places around the city.

Training with Polle, Tomeu & Søren @ CrossFit Hellerup. Light day after a great treatment at Physical-Movement ⭐️


8 km run 

which brings me to 75 out of 100 km (Running Challenge, July @ CrossFit Hellerup)


  • 4 x 10 Chinese side bends @ 15-20 kg

3 rounds:

  • 14 box jumps
  • 7 T2B
  • 7 Chinese jerks @ 20 kg (super narrow grip)


Back squat (6 reps): 50-60-70-80-80 kg

Snatch grip shoulder press from the neck (5 reps): 25-30-30-30 kg


7 rounds:

  • 10 butterfly pull-ups
  • 7 ring dips
  • 10 KB swings @ 24 kg

Result: 14:02 min


30 km


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