11th SEP 2015: 9-11 WOD + interview (invisible disease)

11 Sep

Training @ CrossFit Hellerup with Lars, Søren, Pia & Allan. 

We did a long workout in remembrance of 9-11. I still remember where I was, when I heard the news in 2001. Don’t we all? 

Here’s a link to a Danish interview which I gave to the Danish ligestyle and health coach and entrepreneur, Michelle Kristensen, on training, life, living with an invisible disease:ød-en-af-dks-bedste-crossfit-kvinder 🎏


Complex: 1 squat clean + 1 front squat + 1 jerk: 45-50-52-55-57-58-60 kg

Pause front squat (3/3/3 sec – 3 reps): 45-50-50-50 kg

My leg still hurts a lot from my box jump crash the other day, so I kept the weights low.


“Always Remembered”

Teams of 2 (1 athlete works at a time):

2001 Meter Row “Buy-In”

4 rounds:

  • 9 Rope Climbs
  • 11 Bear Complexes 70/48 kg

2977 Meter Row “Cash-Out”

Result: 38:31 min (teamed up with Allan)

  • 2001 -year
  • 4 – Number of planes
  • 9 – month
  • 11 – day
  • 2977 – number of lives lost

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