20th SEPT 2015: Weightlifting session + WOD (HSPU/snatch)

20 Sep


Training at CrossFit Hellerup today with Lars and his friend, Allan. The leg is slightly better. Going back to the doctor tomorrow for another check. 


  • Pause (3 sec bottom hold) squat clean off 3” blocks (2 reps): 45-45-50-50-52-52-55-55-57-57 kg
  • Squat snatch off 3” blocks (2 reps): 35-40-42-45-47-49-50-52-54-55 kg (incl some 10 sec bottom holds)
  • Leg press off blocks, from sticky point (5 reps): 45-50-50-52-52-52 kg

Not super heavy, but some really good lifts with fine power and catching positions + back on track lifting.


27-21-15-9 reps for time:

  • Handstand push-ups (2” deficit, kipping)
  • Power snatch @ 25 kg

Result: 6:28 min


10 km


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