30th NOV: Back!

30 Nov


I’m back after 10 weeks of leg infection and a broken elbow. I’ve been so super unfortunate in 2015. Hoping for a better 2016.

Haven’t squatted or lifted heavy in 10+ weeks. Fighting my way back.


Back squat (3 reps): 60-60-60-60-60-65-65-65-70-70 kg

Squat snatch off blocks (knees), 1 rep: 25-30-35-40-45-45-45-47-49-49-50-50-50 kg

First time to lift weights in a looooong time.


For time:

  • 21 power snatch @ 35 kg
  • 21 over the bar burpees
  • 15 OHS @ 35 kg
  • 15 over the bar burpees
  • 9 squat snatch @ 35 kg
  • 9 over the bar burpees

Result: 10:04 min


15 km


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